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Snapshot of an entrepreneur via The Restaurant Man

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 30th Jan 2014 10:37

Russell-Norman-is-The-Restaurant-Man-on-BBC2Did you see the new BBC2 programme last night – The Restaurant Man?  It was just brilliant.  If you haven’t seen it already, then watch it this week and watch last week’s on i-Player.

Restaurant ManThe first programme followed Matt and Rich who set up 7Bone Burger Bar in Southampton. [In fact you HAVE to watch the programme just to watch Matt’s moustache, which should have got a credit all to itself].

This is a  business programme that actually show how business and entrepreneurship works…..rather than the glitz and glamour of programmes such as The Apprentice.  Someone once said that The Apprentice bears as much resemblance to business, as McDonalds does to gourmet dining[!] – say no more. Russell Norman is the ubiquitous Restaurant Man, and he dished out some pretty sound advice

The Restaurant Man  showed the  hard work, graft, personal sacrifice and stress of starting a new business.  The sheer energy and belief it takes to make something lift from being an idea to a reality.  I could identify with much of what Matt in particular was going through……. Emailing suppliers at 10 o’clock at night was a regularly occurrence in my first year of trading at Breckland Orchard!

There were many lessons for budding entrepreneurs to take away from the programme – it didn’t really matter if you weren’t starting a restaurant business.

  • Having  a plan, knowing your numbers and knowing your break even
  • Getting the input and views of non-family members before starting [they’ll always tell the truth]
  • Hiring the right staff
  • Keeping costs down [their decor was fab, and cost next to nothing compared to a complete top to bottom decoration]
  • Testing your product and honing till you get it right


Loved the programme…..will be glued to it next week! Make sure you catch it on i-Player!

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