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Posh Pop and Tea......

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 31st Jan 2014 03:19

IMG_9892I love running my own business……there’s a pace and an unexpectedness about it that I adore.  No two days are the same, there’s too much to do for boredom to set in……

IMG_9887On Tuesday I spent most of the morning in the office, spent the afternoon at my printers in Norfolk getting some labels ready [more about that in another blog post], then over to Cambridge to talk to the Cambridge Businesswomen’s Network  [CBN].  The event was a ‘Posh Pop and Teas’ evening, with tasting of Posh Pop and also Kandula Tea.  CBN hold events throughout the year, and this months meeting was to taste ‘Posh Pop and Tea’ and also hear how both companies started up. – there were canapés and cake to accompany the drinks!

IMG_9899I know Jane and Gail from Kandula tea from various trade shows and events that we’ve all been at, but it was lovely to spend a couple of hours with them and to hear all about how they started and how they source their tea.  [I’m a MASSIVE fan of their Moroccan Mint tea, which is just the best herbal tea ever].

IMG_9897I’d always been one of those people who disliked Green Tea, because it tastes so bitter…..but Jane and Gail explained that Green Tea is often brewed in the wrong way, and that you shouldn’t make it with boiling water as it scolds the leaves and makes it bitter.  Trying the Kandula Green Tea, prepared in the right way was a totally different experience and I could be a convert to Green Tea after all!

IMG_9900I talked to the group about Breckland Orchard, how it all started and some of my crazy stories and happenings along the way.  There were lots of questions afterwards, oodles of pop tasting, lots of lovely oohs and aahhhs. Its always nice that people are so interested in how Posh Pop came to be…….its slightly surreal explaining your life to others!

IMG_9893The meeting was held in Newnham College which is rather beautiful building, so I had this rather juxtaposition day of coming from a very industrial print shop to a spectacular temple of academic learning.  Walking along the printing floor at 4pm, to be walking the ancient stone flagstones at Newnham two hours later.  Who would have guessed that? It’s why I love the unexpectedness of running my own business!

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