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On-line Sales.........now you just pick and click!

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 03rd Mar 2014 12:27

BottlesWe’ve finally come up to date, entered the 21st Century and folk are now able to order Posh Pop and Posh Squash direct to their door!  Yipeeeee …its as simple as clicking here and being able to order the entire range.

To be honest, I’ve always shied away from offering on-line sales……we sell our drinks via a network of wholesalers across the UK, and thats the model that works for us.  But we’ve noticed a real hike in the number of people asking how they can order it on line, and requesting where they can get hold of multiple bottles of a certain flavour.  We’re small enough to be able to respond to customer feedback ……..so in this internet age it was time to embrace some change, and add a on-line shop to our offer.

So if you want some Dandelion and Burdock in Dumfries, some Sloe Lemonade in Swansea or some Plum and Cherry in Plumstead – then your wish can be granted via our Breckland Orchard virtual shop!  We’ll handpack the bottles and have them on their merry way.


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