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The Story of the Cheese Scone...........

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 14th Mar 2014 10:30

I just LOVE Twitter……..I’ve been ‘Tweeting’ pretty much for 5 years, ever since I started Breckland Orchard.  My Twitter name is @breckland and over the years I’ve met lots of friends via Twitter, its helped find me suppliers [really!] and its been an invaluable source of help and advice too.  I’m a Social Media evangelist – love it!

People often ask ‘why?’ and ‘what’s the point?’…….it’s not always easy to articulate, other than you have to take a leap of faith, keep doing it, and ‘things’ happen.

So in this Blog Post though I’d just share a real life example from last week – aka ‘The Story of the Cheese Scone’.  If you are sitting comfortably here goes…………


Last Thursday I had a meeting in Attleborough, Norfolk and had then arranged to have lunch with a good friend – Penny Lindop, of  the eponymous Penny Lindop Designs.  Lunch was to be at the aptly named Breckland Lodge.  Breckland Lodge serve a fantastic cheese scone, which has been a favourite treat for me for ages!

Dreaming of my forthcoming cheese scone I tweeted the following first thing in the morning

CM early morning scone tweet

Which then elicited this response [amongst others]
MP 1st tweet
Followed quickly by

ME scones
and then this Tweet from Penny who I was meeting at Lunchtime
Penny Lindop
Mid morning I saw that Michael Edney was ahead of me in terms of ‘getting’ hold of said Cheese Scone:
ME scone photo
Meeting finished, I arrived at Breckland Lodge.  Saw my drinks behind the bar, which saw me do an internal squeal of delight [even after 5 years, my heart skips a beat with pride when I see them ‘in situ]……..so I had to share my joy with a Tweet that said:
Posh Pop spotted at Breckland Lodge
OK – I must have looked a bit crazy, taking a picture of a bar, but it was pretty crowded in the Coffee Lounge, so I didn’t feel too self conscious[!] until I went to sit down and the gentleman at the next table introduced himself……as none other than Michael Edney.  He said something along the lines of ‘Aren’t you the lady I’ve been exchanging Tweets with today’.  Because before that morning I’d never met Michael Edney.
Michael Edney screenshot
So by the time Penny turned up, we were chatting away.  We then had to tell Penny that we’d only actually ‘met’ that morning via Twitter, rather than being old friends.  Michael was kind enough to say that his wife is a huge fan of Breckland Orchard Posh Pop, so I gave him a little ‘something’
Scone story ME thank you
and because he’d also met the lovely Penny he also Tweeted
ME Penny Lindop
and I did finally get hold of my very own ‘cheese scone’ which was amazing as ever
CM scone photo
and was also followed by another delight
CM sausage roll
And really there endeth the Story of the Cheese Scone!  Penny and I had a great catch up, exchanged lots of ideas, talked about our respective businesses drank coffee and laughed [a lot!].
And it was a much more fun day for the ‘Cheese Sconi-ness’ that Michael Edney brought to the table…….I’m sure we’ll stay in touch via Twitter. I know that this post is going to do nothing for the people who think that Twitter is only about posting pictures of food……but it does show that Twitter is a great tool for bringing a different slant to the day, and as a small-business owner I love that!
The tale also shows that there’s a ‘real’ me……no auto robot doing my Social Media, nor a PR bod based many miles away…….all very in the moment, and all about what I/Breckland Orchard are actually doing!  That’s just the way I love it…..feels more authentic and real that way.
Thanks Penny, Thanks Michael
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Penny Lindop
Fri 14th Mar 2014 11:51
That was such a fun lunch and brilliant to see Twitter at its best. Very pleased to have met Michael too

Claire Martinsen
Fri 14th Mar 2014 11:41
Great lunch - thank you for being such great company. Think we came up with some great ideas over lunch - Claire

Trisha Colchester
Fri 14th Mar 2014 13:31
You are right - the scones are delicious as is your pop and Penny's quirky cards. I don't tweet but use Facebook a lot for networking and problem solving especially on bee related matters (I am a bee keeper and also make hand cream and soap)

Claire Martinsen
Fri 14th Mar 2014 17:42
Social Media is a lifesaver for a small business eh Trisha? I'll search you out on Facebook! Claire x

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