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The Ups and Downs of running your own Food Business

by Claire Martinsen on Sun 17th Aug 2014 04:36

Sarah Petegree Brays CottageOne of my lovely foodie friends – Sarah Pettegree from Brays Cottage Pork Pies was featured in the Guardian yesterday – whoop!  I’ve known Sarah since I started Breckland Orchard back in 2009, and a more lovely person you couldn’t wish to meet.  She’s a passionate foodie, who is an amazing ambassador for local food.  Just delighted that the Guardian recognised her this week……nice things  happen to nice people.

My joy at reading the article then got a bit dampened by some of the semi-nasty  and snide-y comments below the article, written by people saying things like ‘ the ‘follow your dreams’ human interest path to commercial success story’ and ‘Thanks guardian! Real rags to riches stuff’…..it made my blood boil! Agggghhhhhh.

It’s easy to read an article, and to make an assumption of how it’s all been ‘so easy and simple’.  It’s easy for people who’ve never started their own businesses to jump to conclusions.  Let’s face it….it’s really not easy to start your own business, let alone a food business.  The easy thing is to stay working in a job with a pay cheque at the end of the month, with all the safety and security that brings.  The difficult thing is to put all that security on the line, to risk everything to create employment for others.

I know just how hard Sarah and Derek [her partner] work, how much blood, sweat and tears they’ve put into making Brays Cottage the success it is.. It’s no ‘rags to riches’  story, its a story about someone with passion doing something really well…..and absolutely no one should begrudge them, or any other food entrepreneurs that!

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