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Recipe for a Food Start-up

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 25th Aug 2014 03:53




1kg Hard work

500g Love and Passion

500g A great team to help you

250g Tenacity and determination

250g Weathering some knocks

100ml Creativity and innovation

1 tbspn Good Luck

1 tbspn Support from family and friends

1 tspn Meeting the right people at the right time

1 tspn Great Suppliers

A smidgen of belief





Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl – use plenty of elbow grease in the mixing.

If it doesn’t work first time round, don’t give up – try again and mix vigorously….it’s impossible to over-work the recipe, and generally the more energy you put into the mixing the more successful the bake.

Bake slowly, take time to enjoy.



That’s the recipe I use…anyone use any other ingredients?


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