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Breckland Orchard in Numbers

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 11th Nov 2014 03:31


Breckland Orchard 10

There are currently 10 delicious flavours of Posh Pop in the range.  My mind is always a-whirl with ideas of new flavour combinations, so I’m always experimenting away….but love the current range, and from the feedback so does everyone else – Thank you!

Breckland Orchard 9

We not only sell throughout the UK, but I also export my lovely drinks to 9 overseas countries!   It’s always exciting to think of people world-wide sipping some Posh Pop!

breckland Orchard 8When I first started Breckland Orchard I didn’t have a single piece of ‘point-of-sale’ but now have 8 different items.  We post these out to customers who request them, so that they can share the Breckland Orchard story with their customers.

Breckland Orchard 7We do a LOT of Trade Shows, which is where potential trade customers get to taste Breckland Orchard and learn more about the range.  We have 7 trade shows lined up for 2015!

breckland orchard 6We’ve managed to win an impressive 6 Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards since starting……..We got two in 2014, including one for my Elderflower Posh Pop which was brand new to the range in 2014.  It’s always a thrill and delight when industry experts benchmark your products as outstanding! It’s one of those ‘bursting with pride’ moments to relish!

Breckland Orchard 5It’s been 5 years since I started Breckland Orchard from scratch…….time has flown by for sure.  It’s true what people say though, if you love what you do then things never feel like work….which isn’t quite the same as saying I have had to work incredibly hard, but it’s been a joy!

Breckland Orchard 4I launched with 4 flavours…..and here’s the picture of the original 4!  These photos were of the very very first batch that I made, and got my friend Kristi to take some photos of them ahead of my ‘launch’ at Feast East two weeks later!  I can remember taking the pictures like it was yesterday!

Breckland Orchard 3Lots of folk don’t realise that as well as Posh Pop, we also make a range of Posh Squash!  Three delicious flavours and they are SUPER-concentrated, so a little goes a very very long way.  Great with still or fizzy water, and in the winter they are incredible warmed! Check out our recipes for non-alcoholic punch on the website!

Breckland Orchard 2My two Mini-Martinsens……who were the key driver for me starting Breckland Orchard back in 2009.  From having been a corporate ‘bunny’ my life was turned upside down when they arrived, and I knew that I had to do something different.  They’ve only ever known me as having Breckland Orchard, and of course their friends think its super-cool to have a mummy with a pop business!

Breckland Orchard 1When I started I was very much a one-woman-band. I ran the business pretty much single handed for the first 2 years, doing everything from bottling to building pallets, to driving around in a fork-lift-truck.  So I really have done EVERY single job that needs to be done, which is a backbone to the business that is great.  I’m never fail to have a complete surge of pride when I see someone drinking my drinks!



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