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Business Lessons from Liz Earle

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 13th Jul 2015 08:54

Liz EarleAnother speaker at Country Living Show 2015 was Liz Earle – the Queen of Beauty products who started her own brand.  She was a really engaging speaker who talked very honestly about how she had started…..talking about the downs as well as the ups, before its eventual sale to Avon.

Country Living fairHer nuggets of learnings were great:

  • Working flat out to build a brand is unbelievably draining, so don’t do it unless you love it….a business takes so much energy and effort that you really need to love it!
  • Growing a business is expensive – you need to reinvest back in the business, so try not to take out any money in the early years [or have very deep pockets!]
  • Look for suppliers who will be there through the bad times as well as the good!
  • Keep customer service top of mind at all times!  At Liz Earle they always tried to think of the customer…to the extent of having an empty chair at Board Meetings to represent the customer.  If in doubt, think is this what our customer would want?
  • Working with family members can be very good in the early days – there’s an inbuilt trust, understanding and a common language.


Liz Earle 2Good advice – thanks Liz!

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