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Posh Pop Lighter - No Added Sugar

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 17th Jul 2015 02:38

Breckalnd lifestyle58Introducing our brand new range of drinks…….aka Posh Pop Lighter….a range of No Added Sugar drinks that are all 5 calorie or less per 275ml bottle.

Breckalnd lifestyle57They come in 3 great flavours

  • Elderflower [0 calories per bottle]
  • Ginger Beer with Chilli [3 calories per bottle]
  • Cloudy Lemonade [5 calories per bottle]

Posh Pop Lighter Breckland OrchardI’ve removed all the sugar and used a mix of Sucralose and Aceulfame K to sweeten them instead……which makes them all no added sugar and super low in calories.  In fact its only the fruit that I use in the drinks that gives them any calories at all.

I’ve been testing them on my friends over the past few months and I’ve had the loveliest of comments…..they taste really amazing, so trying to be healthy doesn’t need to be a chore when they taste this wonderful.  One my friends Sally describes them as ‘sugar free gorgeousness’ [cue blushing!]

Keep your eyes peeled for them….and if not you can always buy them via our on-line site at BigBarn where we have listed them as mixed selections too.

Hope you love them x

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