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Elderflower Season 2015

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 21st Jul 2015 02:00

20150609_162841I’ve been going slightly Elderflower-spotting crazy these past few weeks…..the hedgerows seem to be groaning with it!  In fact it’s turned a little bit into ‘spot-the-elderflower’ and if you keep your eyes peeled it really is ‘everywhere’.  The season is fast slowing up….so there aren’t so many blooms around as there were a few weeks back, but if you look I’m sure you’ll spot it.

20150612_161518I love Elderflower….and I think I might even have turned Mr Breckland into a fan too……he’s been sneaking the odd bottle and has declared it one of his ‘new’ favourites!



The flavour is ever so slightly floral, light and delicate and gorgeous!  It’s just like summer in a sip……

20150612_155050Enjoy Summer 2015, and enjoy the Elderflower!


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