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What we are....and what we're not....

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 20th Aug 2015 02:56

Claire_MartinsenWe’re small [very small],  independent and family owned…….and I think that’s a good place to be.

We’re not owned by a huge global player, nor by a Plc, nor by a group of Venture Capitalists.

We’re not answering to shareholders nor loaning millions from the bank.  We’re not a fast track mission to float on the AIM, or to repay Angel investors who want to realise their money.

And I say that only because all that means that we are independent, and able to do exactly what we want to do without having to dance to the tune of others.  And more importantly it means we can always  do the right thing….to make great products, to not compromise quality, to look after our customers well.

And that’s what makes me sleep well at night.


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