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#HappyBirthday @Twitter

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 21st Mar 2016 18:45


Twitter is 10 years old today…..which is a long time in the world of Social media! I’ve been part of the ‘Twitterarti’ since January 2009, which is over 7 years…..before Breckland Orchard had even got started!

Back in 2009 Twitter was still in its infancy, as was the whole of Social Media.  I remember reading an article about it, and being curious went to find out more….and very quickly I had a ‘name’ and was off.

It’s still me that does all the Tweets…..and I know other people employ ‘social media agencies’ or have other people do their Tweets, but thats not for me.

The Twitter name I chose is @breckland ……and that’s got me into some strange scrapes….I sometimes get Tweets from people thinking I am Breckland Council, and asking about lost dogs!

I love Twitter…..and have exchanged Tweets with people who’ve become friends in real life [really!]. It’s also a brilliant resource for a small business owner – a quick tweet to ask if anyone know who can do x-y-z usually elicits a quick response…Marvellous!

I’ve loved using Twitter and it’s definitely been a part of my Breckland Orchard journey to date……So Happy 10th Birthday @Twitter from @breckland!

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