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Instagram here we come.......

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 13th Apr 2016 10:56

IMG_20160413_125424You can now find us on Instagram too! ¬†We’re @brecklandorchard and you’ll be able to see Breckland Orchard in pictures.

I’ve always loved Social Media of all kinds…..but its taken me a while to get onto Instagram…..don’t really know why, but there goes.

easter 5The photos are 100% taken by me……no PR agencies lurking in the shadows doing it for me, and no photographers or assistants either doing glitzy shots for me [obviously]….just me and my LG Phone!

IMG_20160411_143403I’ve taken it as a little challenge to get up and try and take a photo whilst the Mini-Martinsens are eating their breakfast….so its a glorious juggle, but at least means I get my creative thinking hat on first thing and that’s got to be a good way to start the day!

If you are an Instagram fan, come by and take a peek at Breckland Orchard!

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