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Cloudy Lemonade....the reason why I started my own soft drinks company!

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 09th Jun 2016 03:03

Breckland Orchard Cloudy LemonadeCloudy Lemonade Posh Pop is the whole reason I started Breckland Orchard…….memories of drinking fabulous lemonade when I was a child had always been foremost in my mind.  And when I had my own children, the copious amounts of clear, gloopy and bland Lemonade seemed a bad compromise to what I was used to.

I mean there has to be a logic that if something has lemons and lemon juice in it then it would at least have to be yellow in colour and not clear…Right?  There’s a simplicity and cleanness to the taste of great lemonade that’s just magical.

In my haze of post-pregnancy hormones I decided that I would just have to start my own soft drinks company……and I am quite aware when writing this just how crazy that sounds!  Really…..what was I thinking?

The more focussed I got, the braver I got to think that I could actually ….maybe….do it.  Like all things in life, its about meeting the right people and to having the right amount of luck along the way.

I always say that its impossible to choose my favourite flavour…..its like asking someone to choose their favourite child….but Cloudy Lemonade definitely has a soft spot in my life. In 2015 I was thrilled to bit when the Guild of Fine Food awarded my Cloudy Lemonade one-star in the Great Taste Awards, with judges commenting ‘most refreshingly light and not overly sweetened’  and its hearing lovely comments like that which make it all worthwhile.


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