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SME Virtual Currency

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 07th Nov 2016 02:18

MoneyI’ve written before about the magic of SME’s and the way that there are always people you can go to for help and to point you in the right direction.  There is a sort of ‘virtual currency of help’ in the world of small business…..you take out at the start where others help you, and then later you pay back in by returning the favour to others.  So its not really reciprocal, but there’s a virtual circle.

I’ve been blessed to have had so many helping hands since starting Breckland Orchard……so many people have helped nudge me to find the right answer, that I am grateful for the chance to return the favour.  Much like a bank account I like to be a little bit in credit…..you never know when you might need to make a withdrawal from the account so-to-speak[!]

Genix is a new Enterprise Agency for Norfolk, and is the sister organisation of Menta, who had a huge impact on me getting started [and continue to do so….their training courses are amazing!].  I spoke at a Ready for Growth Seminar a few years back, and can’t have done too bad a job as they’ve invited me back to do a seminar in North Walsham later this month.  I am  looking forward to learning on the day too though – there are going to be speakers from Larking Gowan and DesignTec there, so that should be great for picking up some nuggets of information.  Life as a small business owner is one of constant learning.

See you on the 23rd November!

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