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The stark realisation about my cheque book.....

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 18th Jan 2017 10:05

MoneyI had a ‘yeak’ kind of moment yesterday when I needed to write a cheque.  When I looked in the cheque book stub I realised that the last time I wrote one for Breckland Orchard was in May 2014…that’s very nearly 3 years ago.

I haven’t written one [a] because of the charges levied for doing this but more importantly [b] because I just don’t need to any more.  Its WAY simpler to transfer the money via BAC’s and know that its done and that I’ve not got to rely on Royal Mail to deliver.  Yes-yes, I know some people still use them to delay payment and all the other reasons that that throws up…..but cheques really do seem quite an antiquated way of dealing with money.

Even in the few years that I’ve started my own business the world of banking has changed so much. My local branch that used to have banks of counters open is largely a monument to how banks used to be, with some machines to encourage people to open their own accounts.  Everything is so automated that its become largely impersonal……so doing my lovely swirly handwriting to write the amount and payee, rather than bash out some numbers on the keyboard seemed nice but very old fashioned indeed.

As someone once said the world of cheque books is now measured not by ‘how many cheque books will I go through in a year’ but ‘how many years will it take me to go through one cheque book’.  Maybe it’ll be 2020 until I write the next one!


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