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A little appearance at BBC Cambridgeshire

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 13th Mar 2017 01:12

Breckland Orchard Posh PopIt was International Womens day on Wednesday 8th, and I was invited onto BBC Radio Cambridgeshire as a guest on their Breakfast Show.  Chris Mann was the host of the show, and I had a really lovely couple of hours between 7am and 9am talking about International Womens day as well as many other things – including television memories!

It was fascinating to be there for the whole show and see how it works behind the scenes….there was a really bad crash on the A1 and the presenter of the mid morning programme was stuck in the pile-up so the producer had to think on this feet and re-schedule the next few hours.  I thought in that respect it was like running your own business….having  unexpected little curve balls gently lobbed in to deal with.

One of the experiences I talked about on air was when I was looking to book some fork lift training a few years back [little known fact: I have my fork lift license – v useful!]…

The story behind getting my license is quite funny!  I phoned up a local Norfolk company to get the training – I had a good conversation with the person on the other end of the line……but she seemed a little reluctant to actually ‘seal the deal’ and agree a booking.  Eventually she told me to email across the names of the people who needed training.  So I told her the training was for me!

That kind of floored her, and she apologised profusely and said she’d assumed I was a PA phoning up to investigate booking for some ‘men’.  Infact they hadn’t trained a woman in so long that the women’s toilets hadn’t been required on site for about 3 years. The MD of the company thought it was so unusual that did the five day training himself! It’s not often that I think I am doing something different, but then it comes up and hits you straight out!

My neighbour popped round that evening to say she’d heard me and I sounded good…..[phew!].

Thanks Chris, and thanks BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for having me!  It was a lot of fun!

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