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Food & Drink businesses are hard to start........

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 20th Jun 2017 01:26

laura brown the canesmithI’m often contacted by would-be start ups for advice…..and I try to speak to as many people as I can…if you scan through my blog I’ve written lots of posts about the reality of business in those early days…such as this one from a few years back.  I also network at the Cambridge Grub Club and that’s a nicer way to meet people and discuss the food and drink industry!

One really good friend from Grub Club is the eponymous and very talented Laura Brown – aka the Canesmith, or more correctly formerly the Canesmith.  Because a few weeks back Laura took the really hard decision to hang up her apron.  Her seeringly honest blogpost entitled ‘Saying goodbye to my start up: sometimes you have to know when to give up’ is a great one for anyone wanting to start a food and drink business.

Canesmith-and-Co-SweetsThere’s subsequently been a follow up article on the Guardian Small Business site which is also work a peek .

And what does all this mean?  Well only that it takes a lot [and I really do mean a blooming lot] of hard work in the early days. It’s not all about rags to riches and earning ridiculous amount of investment [as lots of start up media success stories would have you believe]….its 110% hard work.  BUT its also lots of fun….and that’s the nicest reward of all.

To everyone starting out – best of luck to you all.

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