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You might make me buy but......

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 12th Jul 2017 01:33

Claire_MartinsenWe get a lot [and some days it feels an AWFUL lot] of cold calls and emails from potential suppliers…..and if you want an idea of what that feels like then have a read of a day in my life some time back.

I try and be really polite….and if there’s something or a service that we might need in the future then I keep the details on file, so that I have some potential supplier to go to in the future.  It’s nice to have a ‘bank’ of people to go talk to when you need it.

BUT and its a really big but….lots of things I have existing suppliers for.  Many of my suppliers were nothing short of amazing when I first started out, and spent time advising me and helping me start up Breckland Orchard….and that counts for a lot.  When I’ve needed something doing I know that I can rely on my core suppliers to really help me out.

And when you are a small business owner working a million miles an hour that ability to be able to call on help counts for a lot….so you might make me buy, but…..you’ll need to be really really good.

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