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My inbox can be a little kooky at times...

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 07th Nov 2017 05:11

Abergavenny Food FestivalI do get a lot of emails a day….and hands up I am not great at filing them away….BUT I am determined to try and do better and on a mission to reply quicker, and delete with more vigour!

Today’s inbox has contained two truly strange and kooky emails…

[1] Guest Blog Content

If you hadn’t guessed[!] I write all the blog posts myself…they are posts from within Breckland Orchard and I don’t take any guest blog posts onto the site.  I do however get requests. Today’s was someone who wanted to do a guest post on my blog site….and here’s what he wanted to blog about….

The infographic is entitled, “Poker & AI: The raise of Machines Against Humans.” As a whole, it covers insights and research about the evolution of poker AI and how it affects the world of poker.

What?  I mean did he even look at my site?


[2] Potential Customer

Another email from someone who ‘finds’ potential customers for businesses.  She’d found me the perfect customer and wanted to connect us……

My client XXX is looking for Tree & Shrub Specialists in your ares and I wondered if you were available to help?  I’m contacting local professionals on their behalf to try and find someone to help them.

Oh dear……I hope XXX isn’t relying on them to find their tree and shrub specialist. I mean how on earth have they thought that we would side-line as tree experts [despite the company name we are not amazing on all things tree!]


So both have found a quite DELETE……and my inbox is two emails lighter – PHEW!


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