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Everyday a school day.....

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 26th Feb 2018 07:46

20180226_112831Life running your own business is NEVER dull…..and everyday feels like a school day! And today is a classic case in point.

I have a wonderful customer in North Scotland….they are in the most beautiful, unspoilt and breathtaking part of the UK.  That kind of brings its own challenges in terms of recycling and waste collection.  These guys don’t just pay lip service to being environmental…they live and breathe it….because it has a very very direct impact on their bottom line.

Today I found out that my bottles are 18% lighter than one of our competitors – and that makes the recycling cheaper

Out of interest, your bottles weigh about 18% less than the range (same size serving) we have currently, so we will now have less glass in our recycling, thanks!

I LOVE working with customers who keep us on our toes, who challenge us…..and make us learn new stuff every day.


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