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Breckland Orchard is 9!

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 05th Mar 2018 12:07

IMG_20180305_134212_386Oh my…. it seems hardly any time at all since I was just starting out in the world of craft soft drinks – starting my very own drink business in March 2009….and now fast forward 9 years and its 2018 and we are still going strong [whooo!] and celebrating our 9th anniversary.

The statistics for companies who survive 1 year, 2 year and 5 years are all  pretty low……and given I started Breckland Orchard right in the middle of a recession then I really do feel proud to have got this far.  Starting your own business is not for the feint hearted, and starting Breckland Orchard when my children were aged 1 and 3….put of a bit of an extra spin on things for sure!

BUT….all good!  We’re 9 years old, and still sticking fiercely to our principles of creating amazing quality soft drinks and selling those drinks in cafes, delis, garden centres and coffee shops…..in short anywhere that isn’t a supermarket.  Its not that I don’t respect supermarkets, its just that we wanted to work with outlets who share our love of amazing food and drink.  There have been lots of people along the way who have said I’d sell to the supermarkets one day….so I am happy to have proved them wrong [in a nice way!].

Hopefully there’s many many years still to go in this glorious rollercoaster world of running my own business.  I’ve said it before, but I feel blessed and lucky to do something that I love every single day.  What could be better than that!

Much love

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