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Founded in 2009 and not a century sooner .....

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 16th Mar 2018 11:05

breckland orchard 99Last week was the 9th Anniversary of Breckland Orchard starting.  I started thinking about starting out in late 2008 and the official launch was in March 2009 at Feast East, which was the regional food show for Tastes of Anglia.  I started Breckland Orchard inspired by the drinks that my granny Jessie made me when I was a child, and after having two children of my own I wanted to leave my corporate job and start something closer to home.

It always sounds so easy when I write something like that – and like anything its involved lots of hard work and sacrifices along the way…but I can honestly say I am so happy that I took the plunge 9 years ago to leave a ‘safe’ paid job to venture out and do my own thing.  If I am ever asked what I miss most about the corporate world I say ‘IT helpdesk’ without a seconds thought – having to figure out IT issues without an expert at the end of the phone is definitely more challenging!  I love the discipline and great business practices that I learnt at Mars though – and Breckland Orchard wouldn’t be the company it is now without those rigorous lessons from great line manager and colleagues.

My blog pretty much documents month by month, year by year everything that has happened in the business…..its like a wonderful diary to go back and dip into and thing ‘Oooh that’s where I was at that time’.  Which brings me to my current amusement in life – there’s lots of businesses at the moment who don’t want to ‘start’ like I did….they seem to want to have started a century or more before.  Recipes from 1800 and something,  Victorian makers…….a whole back history.

And lovely that they want a Victorian past…..but as I say we were founded in 2009 and not a century sooner.

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Jane Castell
Fri 30th Mar 2018 08:06
We love Posh Pop Strawberry & Rhubarb straight from the fridge and drunk from the bottle just the best. Thank you thank you thank you!

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