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Running your own business isn't easy......

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 05th Jun 2018 02:55

I often write how I love what I do – and genuinely I adore every single day [how lucky am I!].  AND I know that its lots of folks dream to run their own business…….but there’s often a misconception that it’s easy.  And its really far from easy….especially in the early days.

Even I look back on how Breckland Orchard has evolved and think ‘how the heck did I do it?’  I mean setting up a business is hard, but then to set it up in the height of a recession with a baby and a two year old at my feet….what was I thinking!

It’s blooming hard to leave paid employment to set up your own business….it’s even harder to employ people and have those people rely on you for their income and livelihood. BUT nine years down the line, we continue to grow and have established ourselves as a great company to not only work for but do business with.  Those early days are really tough though.

I really admire those who have the courage to say ‘no’ and to give up on their business.  Its a tough call to make – but I’ve seen lots of people who have stuck at it too long and made themselves miserable along the way. My good friend Laura Brown wrote with searing honesty about the closure of her sweetie business The Canesmith.

And now close to home there’s another example from Alex Rushmer, who was a winner on BBC’s Masterchef.  He’s closed his Cambridgeshire restaurant – the Hole in the Wall at Little Wilbraham.  There’s a fantastic article  here, where he explains the pain of early days.

Nine years in feels a good place to be at Breckland Orchard – we’ve found our feet, we’ve found our rhythm and we’re out there as a small business doing BIG things.  Good luck to all those starting out x

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PS – the photo above is from me that first summer – 2009! with my 18 month old and my 3 and a half year old….OMG how times go by!  They’ve grown up in the meantime – much like Breckland Orchard

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