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The Social Media conundrum

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 11th Oct 2018 06:34

Breckland orchard soft drinksI do love Social Media….as a small business I find it not just useful but invaluable.  Its probably the biggest leveller that a business can have – where competing against big global giants becomes fairer when you all have the same tools.  In some respects it can work in the favour of small businesses who can have the advantage of nimbleness and speed….and no giant hoops to jump through to decide on what direction to go in.

I remember setting up Breckland Orchard in Spring 2009 and ‘discovering’ Twitter.  Twitter was still  in its early days at that time.  Breckland Orchard consisted largely of just me at that time, and I was sat in my office on my ownsome – so Twitter was able to provide some great ‘virtual’ team members….people I could ask questions of when I got stuck!  It was a lifeline, and through Twitter I found some great suppliers who I still work with today.  I found some great mentors and networking clubs…..it opened up a whole world of small business to me that I just wasn’t aware of coming from the corporate world.

Fast forward to yesterday I was cold called by a magazine about doing some link ups and advertising.  If I am honest we do very little advertising at all, but the person on the other end of the line was insistent that they should send me some further information.  Then I was able to read that they have xxx thousand readers, print xx thousand copies etc, and assured me that this was all backed up with an active social ‘media presence’ driving yet further awareness.   All very impressive.

So I thought I’d check out the social media presence that they were so proud of……and found that they have less than 150 followers on Twitter.  As a very small SME, I have 8.2k followers – in other words I have a significantly higher social media presence than they do.  And I would never claim to be anything more than basically proficient.

Which got me thinking do you think I should be selling to them instead?  and offering to help them raise their awareness on line….I am not sure that they are going about it the right way….Hmmmmm

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Ann Hawkins
Fri 12th Oct 2018 03:17
Haha! Love this Claire. We had the same issue when New Business Next Steps was published. The publisher, no less than Pearson plc, promised us support for the book launch from their social media accounts but I had ten times more followers than they did. We already had a waiting list by the time they got their act together.

Claire Martinsen
Tue 16th Oct 2018 07:22
I think smaller = nimble!

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