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Now we are 10 [Yes...really!]

by Claire Martinsen on Sun 31st Mar 2019 17:39

This month is the start of our 10 year birthday celebrations! It was back in Spring 2009 that I started Breckland Orchard….starting out with four flavours and launching at Chilford Hall’s Feast East, which was run by Tastes of Anglia.

Looking back everything seems so different, yet it hardly seems anytime at all since I was starting out. Back then there were four flavours, and we were in a crown cap [the kind that need taking off with a bottle opener]. Fast forward 10 years, and there are 13 flavours and I have my lovely screw caps printed with the Breckland Orchard tree.

We’re a little bit bigger… than we were that very first year, but at the heart I think its all still the same. Still not selling to supermarkets …even though I’ve lost count of the times that people said I would abandon that principle[!] and the same commitment to make the best soft drinks ever. Same family owned independent business….no shareholders lurking in the background, no angel investors wanting me to sell out on the principles I hold dear. Still using glass bottles as I think they are the most environmentally friendly packaging type to use.

So we’re a teeny tiny bit different…….but at the heart we are still us……and that’s a good place to be and 10 is a good birthday to celebrate.


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