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Lessons in Resilience

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 31st May 2019 04:24

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to hear both Frank Gardner and Kelly Holmes speak on the subject of Resilience in relation to Leadership.

I loved hearing Frank Gardner speak – he was witty and pithy, as you would perhaps expect a BBC journalist to be. He spoke about his career in Investment Banking prior to becoming a journalist and deciding one day ‘these are not my people’ and changing career path completely. He took a risk to go into journalism by locating himself in the Middle East and working freelance at first. He spoke eloquently and from the heart about being shot 6 times in 2004 by Al-Qaida gunmen, and the road to recovery – both physically and mentally. A year after the shooting he was back at work, and I could only wonder at the immense mental strength that must have taken. He talked about needing to see life about what you could do, and pushing yourself – rather than being deflected by what you couldn’t. To overcome – adapt – and move on. An immensely inspirational man….I shall never see him on the 10 o’clock news in the same light.

Kelly Holmes was just so lively and determined. She spoke about the values instilled in her in the British Army, about the ups and many downs of being a professional athlete and at the disappointment of being injured at key points in her career. Despite many set backs she had been resolute. She was also very open and honest about having suffered mentally as a young athlete.

Sometimes it’s really refreshing to leave the day to day of running a ‘pop’ business and hear other perspectives. Very thought provoking indeed x

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