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Currency Traders....please go away

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 05th Jun 2019 02:21

There seem to be certain ‘vogues’ in telesales/telecalling and at the moment it DEFINITELY all about currency trading. We do quite a few trade shows through the year, and I think the callers target a certain sector, and then find lists of exhibitors and start calling! And boy do we get a LOT of currency trading calls. And given we are only small I can’t think what its like for bigger companies.

I’ve even learnt to recognise their patter…..so a typical call at the moment goes like this:

CALLER: Can you put me though to the international payments department please?

[Me thinks…..International payments department….have they even had a think about how big we are?]

ME: Are you calling up about currency trading?

THEM [noticeably off -put as they were expecting a receptionist not a business owner to be answering the phone] Errr….yes

ME: We don’t do any transactions in foreign currency at all, so I am really sorry we aren’t your target customer

THEM: Errr…..are you sure you don’t do any foreign currency transactions?

ME: Yes, I am absolutely sure.

So I am just going to put it on my blog…..for any wanna be currency traders. We really don’t do any foreign currency transactions. I am sure you are lovely people, but we have a busy business to run, and answering 4-5 of these calls a week is somewhat draining!


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