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This is weather only for....

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 13th Jun 2019 05:43

DUCKS! I’ve gotten so used to the past few weeks being sunny and lovely that I have completely forgotten how to dress for the cold and wet! I’ve not worn socks for weeks, and had gotten used to no coats and no jumpers and now this!

This week has been quite unrelenting so far on the weather front …cold – wet and generally miserable. Today is the fourth day of relenting rain..and it feels just more than is possible in June of all months!

See what I mean? The BBC weather site is showing today is going to be raining ALL day long….yeak! But the next 10 days are definitely better…even that blip next Wednesday 19th is just forecast to be an hour of rain [phew!]

Weather and soft drinks go hand in hand…..it makes a big difference to the amount of drinks we sell. I tend to be a bit of a keen weather forecast watcher [especially in the summer!]. Emma in the office has just said that in this weather she’d be plumping for a big hot chocolate with marshmallows in a café rather than a soft drink – and I can’t blame her.

Roll on tomorrow….roll on an end to this rain…I can’t wait!

Duck Photo by Ravi Singh on Unsplash

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Robin Tyler
Thu 13th Jun 2019 14:20
Hoping the sun shines as I am off to England v West Indies in the cricket World Cup tomorrow!

Claire Martinsen
Thu 13th Jun 2019 15:00
I want to be you! Enjoy the cricket!

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