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Why we're sticking to our principles...…...

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 20th Jun 2019 01:54

I had an email last week from a training company…offering training in how to deal with supermarkets, category management techniques etc. It was a polite email and I replied just to say that we didn’t actually supply supermarkets, so as a business we didn’t have any need of the training and wishing them all the best.

And a reply came zooming back pretty soon after to say that they were aware that Breckland Orchard didn’t sell to supermarkets, but had assumed that we were wanting to grow and would be looking to go into supermarkets as a result.

And that kind of annoyed me……..we sell to the most wonderful outlets up and down the length of the UK. To award winning independent cafes, to beautiful farms hops, the brightest and best garden centres, 5 star hotels….I could go on…. When I started the business back in 2009 I said we wouldn’t supply supermarkets. Lots of people along the way have said I would one day…..and here we are 10 years later….

We are growing year on year, thanks to the support of our wonderful customers, to the amazing taste of our drinks, and to the word of mouth reputation that we have for being all round great company to work with.

I hope that Breckland Orchard is a great example of it being possible to grow, and still stay true to your principles. Because sometimes being true, and doing what you say you’re going to do is worth more than any percentage growth possible.

…and I don’t need any training in how to do it with supermarkets….so there!

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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