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Meet our new C-E-O

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 29th Apr 2020 08:05

Oh my aren’t these strange and weird times? We supply exclusively in to the hospitality and deli sectors, and lots of our customers are not able to trade. We know lots of our customers are hurting…..and their closure is also impacting my small business in the short term at least.

Since we started in 2009, we’ve proudly not supplied supermarkets…but the majority of food is being bought through just 9 big food outlets at the moment, and so called ‘out of home’ eating [ie cafes et al] is zero.

My lovely team have been furloughed…..and on 100% of salary because that is the right and proper thing to do. All my suppliers are being paid on time and in full….again because that’s the right and proper thing to do. It’s tough, but I want to make sure we are in a good place to come out of this the other side! We will come out of this stronger and better, so its really not forever.

Meanwhile I am working super hard being the Chief Everything Officer….a lovely new title for these times. I am the default person for everything currently! So I am doing everything from finance to marketing to receptionist to delivery driver (and teacher on the side too! Home schooling is an interesting one to throw in the mix).

And do you know that is really OK …..at times like this its just about buckling down, being flexible and taking deep breaths. I am just hoping I can give up my new found job pretty soon.

Lots of love from the Chief Everything Officer to all our lovely customers. A big hug to you wherever you are….Cheers x

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