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Rekindling with my first love is a good thing

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 01st May 2020 02:43

My first business love was Twitter………I joined in January 2009 which is before I’d even produced a bottle, before I’d signed off on labels and when I was a team of one! I was enthusiastic and couldn’t wait to launch my soft drinks to the world. But I had lots of questions and no colleagues to ask, lots of tiny milestones to celebrate, but no one to celebrate them with.

And then I found my true one love – Twitter! The name @breckland was set up and I was away. I have some amazing friendships that started on line, and we are still friends today. Some amazing opportunities have come along via Twitter and it’s been generally fab.

But I think when I also took Breckland Orchard onto Instagram (@brecklandorchard) then my love ended up being split [do I sound fickle?! double dating can be hard]…..and I realise I have been neglecting my Twitter life for a few months. So all this c-stuff and living a lockdown business life has enabled me to rekindle my love and realise that Twitter really is an amazing friend for a business like mine. Fun, friends and endless resources.

Sometimes your first love is your forever love…..


Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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