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Why we might all be craving a bit of familiarity

by Claire Martinsen on Mon 04th May 2020 07:05

When you can’t control the external environment you most certainly can take control of things within the immediate sphere of control. In terms of food choices, then many of us are going back to basics and cooking from scratch.

Bread baking has come back into vogue…and well if you can even get your hands on a packet of yeast then congratulations! The flour aisle in supermarkets have been sold out for weeks…as supplies struggle to cope with the 300% increase in sales prior to lockdown. Butchery sales are also soaring, as people return to scratch cooking for the family.

At Breckland Orchard we are definitely seeing a similar trend – sales of our Cream Soda with Rhubarb and Dandelion and Burdock are both in huge growth versus the same time last year. Maybe those lovely familiar tastes of childhood are what people are craving with their home baked cakes and bread.

No wonder………both are completely delicious and will transport you back to carefree childhood days. We hope you’re enjoy it and that our Posh Pop is bringing you a little sip of joy in these uncertain times!

Much love

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