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Why you might like fizzy drinks after all....

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 06th May 2020 02:23

All of Breckland Orchard drinks are fizzy – or ‘gently carbonated’ as I have always described them…..and there’s a BIG difference, so let me explain..

Carbonation is when C02 is added to a liquid and then held under pressure [ie in the bottle with a lid applied tightly!]. Once opened the bubbles will escape into the atmosphere, how quick depends on how quick you allow them to escape. If you pour your drink into a wide glass, that will allow lots of surface area for them to escape from….pouring your drink into a narrower glass will keep them for longer. [That’s why champagne flutes have a much smaller diameter than standard wine glasses]. So a top tip is: if you want your Breckland Orchard drink to stay carbonated for longer, drink out of the bottle with a straw [paper please!] or pour it into a narrow glass.

Carbonation levels vary….and we generally state this as grams per litre of C02. The maximum you can use is 8g per litre, which would make for a VERY lively drink. Mixers [eg tonic waters etc] tend to use around 4.5g-5g per litre, and Cola’s around 4g per litre.

At Breckland Orchard we carbonate to a lower level than most other drinks – and I think that makes them taste much more magical somehow. Its easy to disguise poor ingredients by overdoing the carbonation. But when you’ve spent time, love and passion selecting the perfect ingredients and the perfect balance of flavours…what would be the point of drowning out the taste?

One of the nicest compliments I hear is when people say ‘I don’t generally like fizzy drinks, but I love yours’. It means that my careful balance of flavour and bubbles has been noted.

So if you think you don’t like fizzy drinks……maybe you’ve just been drinking the wrong kind.


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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