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5 ways to cut down on alcohol during Lockdown

by Claire Martinsen on Wed 13th May 2020 02:23

When everyday feels the same many people are finding it too tempting to crack open the wine at the end of the day to give some sense of normality . Indeed research shows that sales of alcohol have rocketed and 20% of Britains say that they are drinking more as a result of lockdown.

So some top tips on how to reduce your alcohol consumption during lockdown:

  • HAVE SOME ALCOHOL FREE DAYS ..lots of people are choosing to go ‘Covid Dry’ and not drink at all during lockdown. Up to 30% of the UK population is using lockdown to not drink at all. You can always choose some days to not drink during the week!
  • THINK OF HOW YOU’LL FEEL …its a fact that alcohol is calorie rich, so you will feel clearer, leaner and better for cutting down!
  • PLAN SOME ALTERNATIVES …fill your fridge with non-alcoholic alternatives. Splash out on some delicious snacks and treats….alcohol free doesn’t mean that you can’t mark the end of the working day with a bit of a treat.
  • KEEP USING YOUR GLASSWARE ..non-alcoholic drinsk should still be served in lovely glasses, not those boring hi-balls. Drink your lemonade from champagne flutes – heck why not!
  • EXPERIMENT WITH SOME CREATIVITY…muddle some non-alcoholic cocktails, use some garnishes [fruit, herbs, grapefruit rind etc] and make some fabulous ice cubes with fruit/herbs. If your non-alcoholic tipple looks interesting and beautiful it will bring a smile to your face.

Biggest tip though – it to stay safe and stay calm. This will pass…………..


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