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HOW Cream Soda with as Splash of Rhubarb came to be...

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 19th May 2020 09:40

I launched Breckland Orchard Cream Soda with a splash of Rhubarb in April 2012. It was Jubilee year, and we wanted to add another flavour to the range. The idea actually came from one of our wholesalers who asked if we made a cream soda…..we well didn’t, but that gave me an idea for what our new flavour could be.

A really good cream soda relies on using a really excellent vanilla in the recipe…..and we use a SUPER-AMAZING vanilla from a fabulous supplier. I wanted to give it a modern ‘Breckland Orchard’ twist, and after a few experiments [and oodles of tastings] got just the right flavour by using some rhubarb in the recipe.

But it was just a little top note of rhubarb…..one that came through after the cream soda hit on the taste buds….so how best to describe it? My lovely assistant at the time Chloe and I brainstormed some ideas. She even went off to the local supermarkets to wander the aisles and see if any more ideas came to her from other food groups. We were left with a list that included: dash of rhubarb, splash of rhubarb, touch of rhubarb, with rhubarb, bit of rhubarb. Maybe larger companies with umpteen resources would have employed some big market research company or spent lots of money. Instead it was me, Chloe and a pencil and paper!

But Cream Soda with a Splash of Rhubarb was our favourite…..a splash kind of says that the rhubarb is there, but that its at heart a great cream soda. It just felt the right name, and in a small business sometimes [well most of the time] its right to go with what your heart tells you is right.

It’s a cracking recipe and I’m so proud of it….we get consistently lovely comments back from customers who love its smooth taste. Other feedback includes ‘This cream soda is just delicious. The rhubarb twist is fantastic flavour’ and ‘This is the best drink out there – love it great flavour’

We couldn’t agree more!


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