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Spreading some help for Cambridge Food Bank

by Claire Martinsen on Fri 05th Jun 2020 09:33
Alex Collins from Cambridge City Council

During these strange times (does anyone else hate the term unprecedented?)…I prefer to think of them as bewildering, as its just such unchartered ground for everyone. It’s akin to going on an adventure that you didn’t really want to go on.

It’s hard to know what to do as a food business…..but I really wanted to play my part and last week went to Cambridge Regional College (CRC) to make a donation of drinks to their food fridges across the city. Just being there and speaking to Alex Collins brought it home just how much of an impact the pandemic has had. Cambridge can appear a wealthy city on the outside, but there is a staggering 10 year difference in life expectancy depending on where you live. The least wealthy 20% of the city earn just 2% of the total city income, and that demonstrates just what a gulf there is.

But the pandemic has struck everywhere, and the community fridges are seeing growing numbers of families every week. The impact of the disease has no regard for age, race or creed.

My very small hope is that the donation I made of Sloe and Rose Lemonade will raise a little smile for the recipients, and I am determined to do more to help. Its the very least I can do.


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