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Why I'm proud we're a family owned business...

by Claire Martinsen on Tue 09th Jun 2020 01:49

I used to work for the multi-national Mars before I started Breckland Orchard in 2009. That background gave me an excellent business education, and taught me so much….I’m really grateful for the amazing learning opportunities I had. I worked on amazing brands [Mars, Galaxy, Snickers, Dolmio, Whiskas etc] and managed large teams. The friendships endure……I worked with some truly amazing people.

But after having had my two children I decided to start my own business. Yeap – with a one and a three year old I gave up a job I loved and set up my own soft drink company! Much as I loved Mars its not a decision I’ve regretted and I’ve loved creating Breckland Orchard heavily ladened with the values that I hold dear.

So…I’ve never chased external investment and we don’t have angel investors lurking in the wings. That enables me to do what I think is right, and how grateful I feel for that during these Covid times.

And…I’ve never chased having a massive team of people working for me. I have is a perfectly formed team of really special people who care passionately and share the vision of creating wonderful drinks which make people smile.

Customers say they know they can always hop on the phone and speak to me personally – there aren’t layers and layers of people to go through to do that. And that’s exactly how I like it. Cheers for being family owned, and cheers for being independently owned!

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