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We are a proud Goldilocks company

by Claire Martinsen on Thu 30th Jul 2020 04:32

There are lots of ways to describe your business, but for me Breckland Orchard is a Goldilocks company ….not too big, not too small….we are just the perfect size.

We are small enough to be hands on, accountable. Small enough to know all our customers, to know the business inside out. Large enough to get some economies of scale and to be able to supply all over the UK.

I think when businesses get too big they turn into super-tankers – very inflexible and remote. When you are teeny-tiny it can be difficult to navigate a path. Big companies can mean additional layers of decision making that don’t always make sense and can make them difficult to work with.

I think our core mission of making great tasting drinks which aren’t available in the supermarkets has kept us grounded since I started the business 11 years ago. We’ve kept true to our values and I love it when someone calls wanting to know if we need their ‘supplier number’, or if they can speak to someone in ‘accounts payable’ or ‘the currency department’. It’s way more personal than that!

Breckland Orchard is a small business…..we are agile and with passion for what we do. A Goldilocks business…..and I am super-proud to be at the helm!

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