Need to know more?

Do you make the drinks in your kitchen? I donít think my kitchen would be big enough to cope! The kitchen is just for baking cakes and other delights - not suitable for bottling drinks!

What are the main ingredients of the drinks? All the drinks have a base of spring water and fruit juice from concentrate. To that we add some sugar, some natural flavourings and a touch of potassium sorbate (to preserve).

Do you own an orchard? Regrettably not Ė we buy our fruit juice concentrates. But you never know in the future Ė a lovely orchard would be great. Iíll keep saving up!

Do you use local fruit? Many of the flavours we use simply donít grow in Norfolk, let alone the UK, such as lemons, ginger, orange, cranberry, etc. We buy our fruit juice concentrates from around the world Ė blackcurrants from Europe, lemons mainly from Italy, oranges mainly from Spain.

Iíd love to use local fruit if I could, but despite searching and searching I havenít found anyone who can supply me as I need it. Any ideas or contacts please email me!

Are the bottles recyclable? Yes! Please donít just throw them in the nearest bin, but take them to your local recycling point.

Are the drinks suitable for diabetics? We donít believe in artificial sweeteners, so we use natural cane sugar in our drinks. Unfortunately this means that they arenít suitable for diabetics Ė sorry!

Are the drinks suitable for vegetarians and vegans? Yes they are - enjoy!

How many calories are there in a bottle? If you wnat to check out the nutrional content click here