Posh Pop Lighter

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Eldetflower Lighter Ginger Beer Lighter Cloudy Lemonade Lighter

Elderflower Lighter - 0 Calories per bottle

Delicious sparkling Elderflower with no added sugar

We are proud add this Zero calorie Elderflower Posh Pop to the range. Wonderful floral notes dance around the mouth and really refresh a thirst....but with no added sugar and zero calories per serving its one treat you can enjoy without any guilt whatsoever.

Hope you enjoy our gorgeous new drink

Available in: 275ml

Ginger Beer with Chilli Lighter - 3 Calories per bottle

Our signature Ginger Beer with no added sugar

Our regular Ginger Beer has won so many awards that it makes me glow with pride when I hear people talk about it! And I've kept all the flavour in this new Posh Pop Lighter - just taken [nearly] all the sugar out to leave only 3 calories per bottle.

The chilli is just a tiny kick at the back of the throat, so it's a wonderfully mellow and smooth Ginger Beer that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. And with only 3 calories per bottle what's not to love?

Available in: 275ml

Cloudy Lemonade Lighter - 5 Calories per bottle

A classic zingy Lemonade with no added sugar

It was the love of Lemonade that started the whole Breckland Orchard story, so I'm very very happy to be adding Cloudy Lemonade Lighter to the range. With 5 calories per bottle, the only sugars come from the naturally occuring fruit sugars, I've added no sugar whatsoever.

It tastes divine, and its hard to believe that it packs such a punchy flavour, for only 5 calories - Ta Da! Hope you are as smitten as we are here at Breckland Orchard HQ.

Available in: 275ml

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