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Pear and Elderflower Ginger Beer & Chilli Cloudy Lemonade Strawberry and Rhubarb Plum & Cherry Cream Soda with a Splash of Rhubarb Sloe Lemonade Dandelion and Burdock Elderflower

Pear & Elderflower

Delicious pear and delicate elderflower combine to make a match made in heaven-divine!

Could we take the basic taste of elderflower and twist it with something to make a new classic? Pear was the obvious answer, and we are so glad we did! A gently carbonated soft drink, made with a base of spring water - and oh so tasty! The floral notes dance around your mouth and really quench a thirst.

It's one of our most popular flavours, and we have so many lovely comments back from people about the perfect balance and the way the flavours complement each other.

Available in: 275ml

Ginger Beer with Chilli

Ginger beer with just a kick of chilli at the end – it won’t blow your head off but it will give you a lovely tingle in your tastebuds

This is the drink we are probably most famous for - there are an army of Breckland Orchard ginger beer with Chilli lovers out there who adore its complex flavours and delicious chilli zing! Summer Fruit Cup did a review of 27 ginger beers '... the whole panel loved it; we thought that it had just the right balance of sweetness and fieriness. If you haven't tried this yet, do. Our highest recommendation'

Anyone who likes ginger beer will adore this clean tasting version. We use citrus in the recipe, so you get a nice burst of citrus flavour, then the zing of Ginger and finally... just the gentlest tingle of Chilli at the back of your mouth. Would we load it up with so much chilli that it would be undrinkable? Of course not... One taste and you'll be addicted!

Available in: 275ml

Cloudy Lemonade

Our signature Cloudy Lemonade, fabulously refreshing and deliciously zingy!

Cloudy Lemonade was the flavour that inspired the whole idea of Breckland Orchard. I had the most wonderful memories of drinking 'proper' Lemonade when I was a child. Fast forward to the present day and I just know that there are a whole generation of children growing up thinking that Lemonade is clear in colour, sold in big 2 litre bottles and if truth-be-told pretty flavourless! Our Breckland Orchard Cloudy Lemonade is a million miles away in terms of taste - clean and crisp tasting, it will have your whole mouth bursting with flavour.

Judges at the 2015 Great Taste Awards gave it a massive thumbs up and commented "Judges love the gently carbonation which works with the lemon very well. Most refreshing, light and not overly sweetened'

It's best served chilled, and over ice. Perfect for lazy summer days, or when you want to enjoy some serious refreshment. it's heavenly as a mixer too!
Available in: 275ml

Strawberry & Rhubarb

We like to think of this as the quintessential summer in a bottle. It really doesn’t matter what happens to the weather this drink is bursting with summer flavours.

Strawberry and Rhubarb are just made for each other and never more so than in this amazingly refreshing soft drink. Like all the other Breckland Orchard drinks, it's made with a base of spring water and then just gently carbonated for a light sparkle. The flavours of Strawberry and Rhubarb are perfectly balanced - just enough of each and just a slight touch of vanilla to really bring out the taste. It's our favourite flavour to make, as the smell is divine. If we had smell-O-vision then you too could be envelope, but in the meantime we'll just lap up the wonderful aromas.

For lots [and lots] of people this is the best flavour that we make here at Breckland Orchard. I've heard it described many times as 'Best soft drink ever'.

Available in: 275ml

Plum & Cherry

We love plums, we love cherries, and mixed together they really are quite divine!

Plum & Cherry is a big favourite at Breckland Orchard HQ. In fact we think it's completely gorgeous

Feedback from customers seems to agree - yipee! One farmshop told us about a customer opening at bottle of Plum and Cherry at the counter after having paid for it and literally swooned in delight. Hearing little anecdotes like that makes our heart swell with pride and creates unmeasurable joy and delight [sad but totally true]

Available in: 275ml

Cream Soda with a Splash of Rhubarb

A classic soft drink - with a modern twist!

With all the rule-Britannia, Olympics, Union Jacks, Jubilee celebrations etc we just couldn't resist adding this classic soft drink to the range - albeit with a modern twist!

It's creamy, vanilla-y, with just a little smidgen of Rhubarb to really set the flavours off. Everyone here at Breckland Orchard HQ loves it....and we're sure everyone else will too. If you see some out and about grab it - and enjoy the classic taste of Cream Soda

Available in: 275ml

Sloe Lemonade

Our grown up lemonade – slightly tarter than our Cloudy Lemonade and with an added touch of sloe!

It's the wonderful pink hue of our sloe lemonade that attracts people and then they taste it and they are smitten [it's hard not to be!]. The inspiration for this one came from Sloe Gin mixed with our Cloudy Lemonade it's a long drink to die for. But that set me thinking - could we just take the flavour of the Sloe and the flavour of the Lemonade and create something very special? We could, and we did!

Here's one customer's feedback "Sloe lemonade may well be the nicest lemonade I have ever tasted." We think he might be right!

Summer Fruit Cup did a taste review. And their tasting notes described it as 'all-round, rather good'
PS - Sloe lemonade mixed with sloe gin is unbelievably fabulous!

Available in: 275ml

Dandelion & Burdock

Our 21st-century interpretation of a great British classic soft drink! We think you will love it!

Feedback from customers is wonderful about this drink - comments such as 'amazing', 'a real taste of my childhood' and 'that's the best Dandelion I've ever tasted'. It certainly evokes a sense of nostalgia and memories of peoples childhoods. I would describe Dandelion and Burdock [aka D&B] as the British equivalent to Root Beer to anyone who hasn't encountered it.

The Breckland Orchard range contains no artificial colours, and Dandelion and Burdock is no different. As a result it's slightly lighter in hue than other brands - and I would say even more fabulous as a result.

Summer fruit cup put it as their number one dandelion and burdock in a taste test summing it up as 'smooth, not too fizzy, hints of honey, strong anis elements and very balanced. Delicious, refreshing and a great example of D & B.

Available in: 275ml


Delicate, floral and utterly wonderful ........a drink to refresh and delight the palate!

We've been asked if we could make an Elderflower variety many times, but I only wanted to make an Elderflower Posh Pop if it could be truly amazing. I experimented and was delighted that it won a Great Taste Award the very first year I made it. Judges commented 'A delicious authentic elderflower drinks. A grown up drink with true elderflower muskiness. We felt there was an 'honesty' about this product. Delightful'

At only 80 calories a bottle, it's a treat to delight all round! Enjoy!

Available in: 275ml

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